Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Beach Day for Spring 2011

Earlier on the week the weather forecast for the weekend was looking really good and was estimated to be a tops of 27 degrees. So we made plans to go to the beach for our family outing.

Come weekend, and it was a beautiful day! We left home nice and early and got to the beach just around after 10:30am and it was already packed! There were kids running around, playing in the sand, people sun baking and surfers doing their thing. Though it was a little cold to swim, we just had quick dips and soaked as much sun as we could, also the area where we sat was high tide and the waves were pretty big so there was no chance I was going to swim there.

After laying in the sun for 3 hours, headed back to car & put our gear back in, got Jaiden's trike out and walked around to the shops, got ourselves a good feed - fish and chips, fish burger and chips, and sat on the grass, feeding the birds and Jaiden making new friends with other little kids and chasing the bird.

Afterwards, we headed to the playground to let Jaiden run around and play with the equipments, then a quick walk along the park and back into the car. Jaiden clonked out straight away and all the way home. We ended the day with a frozen coke float (with soft serve ice cream inside) and a movie while relaxing in bed. I didn't realise I was sunburnt until I saw my read face, red patches all over my body and had a cold shower. But luckily it's not as severe as I usually get them. 

I'm loving the weather Spring has brought in its first month. I can't wait for more family outings on such nice days.

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