Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hariette's 22nd Birthday

Last Friday night, we went out for my 'sister' Hariette's 22nd Birthday.
I ended up going home after work just so I could see Jaiden before dropping him off to my mums for the night and also so I could get ready properly. We drove to the city and ended up getting there way before we expected, which was 30 minutes earlier. So Jeremy and I went to the restaurant (Tony Roma's) early, because we didn't have anything else to do and just sat there for a good 45 minutes waiting for everyone. Jeremy ended up having a coffee to warm himself up lol.

People finally started arriving, but as usual, the birthday girl is always late lol. We got our orders and waited very patiently, giving that everyone was so hungry.. I ordered The Original Baby Back Ribs with corn and a spud as a side. It was so delicious! I ate the whole thing! which is pretty rare for me because I never finish any meal off. Jeremy ordered a burger since he wasn't that hungry.

Afterwards, Hariette and her friends decided to crash at their penthouse while we went straight home because we were just knackered. It was a good catch up though. I hadn't seen and spoken to my '2nd family' properly in so long. And it was a good, quiet night out. Just what I longed for.

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