Friday, October 21, 2011

Aiden's 2nd Birthday

Last week we went to Sydney Aquarium for our friend Megan's son, Aiden's 2nd birthday celebration.

We started our morning with a Maccas breakfast run at the start of entering the highway. It didn't take us long to get to the city, but to get to our destination kind of did because we got lost and took the wrong exit, as always, and ended up going over the bridge to North Sydney. Jeremy always gets angry when we get lost lol. Even with our detour, we still got there earlier than the hosts haha. When everyone arrived, we got our tickets and went inside.

Jaiden was excited to see the little fish and as he got closer and as they got bigger, the more scared he got. We showed him that the fish were friendly by touching the glass & he eventually, was okay with the little fish but was still scared of the big ones. He would scream if we held him up next to the glass and the fish were in front of his face haha. When we got to the sharks, he was terrified! He wouldn't let go of Jeremy and he closed his eyes the entire time we were there! Unfortunately, we accidentally skipped out on the Dugongs, which we were looking forward to.

After the aquarium, we made our way to Tumbalong Park at Darling Harbour. We fetched lunch and sat under the trees, enjoying the sunshine. Aiden and Jaiden wen to the water feature at the new park there. Aiden got soaked and Jaiden was hardly wet. He was so scared to get wet haha. Just as well though because we didn't have a towel handy.

Here are some photos:

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