Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Morning August!

It's August already? Can you believe it? Time is really flying by so fast (sometimes).
We have a few things to look forward to this month:
  • Jaiden turns 9 months
  • We get our car back!
    (It's been the longest 3 months in this sense)
  • A few Birthdays:
    - Junior's 11th
    - Mother, sister & grandma - in-law's
    (all on the same day!)
    - Bradley's 13th & Mel's 22nd
    - Chester Marquez' 20th
    - Andrea Sibila's 19th
That's all I can think of now, I'm sure there'll be plenty more of things that will just pop up.
1 August 2010
1 August 2010

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