Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Sunday

Today Jeremy was in the mood to cook up something, so in the morning, he went to buy ingredients for potato bake and lamb to be slow cooked. And during the day I did a little cleaning, vacuuming and scrubbing the dirt off the tiles. So that was a little satisfying for me since I got something done.

Also, what's going on with this weather? It was so sunny this morning. I put through a load of washing, and in the middle of it, it started raining! Jaiden got scared when it was raining hard lol it was cute though. And now, it's sunny again! Ugh. I can't wait until there's no more rain! I just want it to be hot enough to go out of the house!! Apparently it was hailing at around Quakers Hill & Glenwood. Woah you're so weird weather!!

The pieces that Jeremy decided to BBQ and the others to slow cook.
When it was nice and sunny
Jaiden watching the rain pour down.
The Potato Bake I cooked :)

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