Monday, August 2, 2010

Bradley's 13th Birthday

Yesterday was Bradley's 13th Birthday. So we had a little gathering with family & family friends at his house. Great Food & great company. We pretty much just caught up and played around with my camera, because the boys were so fascinated lol. There were so many kids there too! Screaming and running around. And Melissa's dog Rico kept coming out of her room lol. Jaiden liked him. But he always scrunched his face, everytime Rico would come near Jaiden lol.

I came back home to my boyfriend back! YAY! & a very clean extension, bathroom and bedroom lol. I guess he did it to kill time since he came home and we weren't there. I missed him heaps! And it was only for the weekend lol.

P.S I cut my fringe on Saturday night because I was that bored! And also because Jeremy wanted me to 'surprise' him by doing something to my hair lol. Though it makes me look younger! lol

out on the verandah
on the bench with Gabriel
With Melissa
Blowing the cake
Melissa & Macky.
Playing around with the camera
Macky and Paulo.
Playing around with the camera.

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