Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spring is around the corner!

Today was such a nice and beautiful sunny day here in Sydney! Though the breeze was a little chilly but the sun felt good shining on my skin for once lol. I can't wait for Spring/Summer! Lucky this is the last month of Winter!

So today, I went to get a blood test done, for a check-up on my blood levels, specifically asked by my specialist. And then I did my first Election Vote! I didn't really care on who I chose, so I just did a 'donkey vote' by putting numbers in order next to each name randomly LOL! And then went to Westpoint to buy some nappies! I wanted to go shopping and look around but I couldn't because my mum had to go back to 'Pre-Polling' for early voters. Hopefully I can go shopping for something new soon! A much needed retail therapy is waiting for me haha.

Luvo session with my boy, after a day out.

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