Saturday, July 31, 2010

31 July.

Day #2 of Jeremy's dissappearance.
Looking forward to tomorrow because Jeremy gets back! lol

I really wanted to go out tonight, for Ava's 25th birthday. But I had no babysitter, with my mum having to cancel on me last week (hate it when she does that) and Jeremy changing the dates of his getaway from last week to this. I pretty much had it all planned out before, but plans change I guess....

Anyway, today, Jaiden was wide awake at 7:30AM playing, and I was still dead tired so I just put on The Lion King & he eventually wanted to sleep again at around 8:30AM lol. So we didn't end up getting out of bed until after 10:30AM when my sister-in-law came with her family.
So the kids just played amongst themselves, watched Princess and The Frog + A Cinderella Story with the niece. Aubty & Uncle from Canberra came over for a visit.
That's pretty much my day all together haha. Hope tonight goes fast!

Cousin Mark

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