Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jeremy's 21st Birthday

It's Jeremy's birthday today! The big 2-1. Officially an adult now, though he doesn't act like it lol. It was also Jaiden's first time going on the train. I think he enjoyed it because he fell straight to sleep once we hit Westmead/Parramatta. Which is only a 15 minute ride from ours lol.
We spent the day eating out at a restaurant at Circular Quay. Though we had already booked at The Quay restaurant but when we got to Circular Quay, we were given wrong directions and couldn't find the restaurant. So we just settled down for Peter Doyle @ The Quay restaurant.
Waiting for the train at the station.
Waiting for the train at the station.
Whilst in the train.
We couldn't really eat properly because Jaiden kept sooking and crying everytime he was in his stroller, so I had to carry him for the whole time. I even had to feed him some of my food or he would cry lol.

Jeremy had ordered the Salmon Platter & I had ordered Pork Belly with Scallops as our entree's. And mine was so good! But I never tried Jeremy's one because I'm not a fan of seafood, much. Jeremy didn't get the chance to take a photo either because he got really annoyed with Jaiden being naughty.

My Entree.

Then Jeremy wanted to try something new and we both didn't know what 'Sashimi' was, so he ordered it as his main. And when he got it, it was a massive platter with fruits & vegetables with a massive lobster in the middle, that was literally still alive! He felt so sorry for it, because it was basically torturing the poor guy, he kept saying 'sorry' each time he went in for a bit lol. Poor lobster! And I ordered myself a Fillet since I'm not much of a big fan of seafood.

Jeremy's Main.

My Main.
We didn't end up having desert there because we wanted to go to the other side of the warf where the Guylian Chocolate Cafe was, but unfortunately we didn't end up going :( because Jeremy's shoes were getting soaked by the puddles and Jaiden kept crying in his stroller. So we just decided to go home. I ended up buying some Waffle Sticks from Jazz My Waffles when we got to the station. I was pretty satisfied. They are so nice!! But the Gulyian Chocolate Cafe would be a great place for another outing! lol I've already hinted Jeremy for when we go out next haha.

On the way back home, on the train.

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