Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday was my 20th birthday! Happy Birthday to me!! 

And to celebrate, on Friday night I went out for a couple of drinks with my work friends and then headed out to the clubs for a friends birthday but didn't even see him once, and so it felt like everyone was there for mine instead haha. On Saturday, we went out to lunch with Jeremy's family  at Seven Hills Buffet. It was our first time going there and it was pretty cool, how they had a mini sushi train and a fondue fountain, but it was just a hassle because you know how it is with buffets and line ups!

I'll be celebrating my birthday this coming Saturday though with all my friends. Just the typical clubbing thing, I really couldn't think of anything else that everyone can be at, so it lead me to organise this. I'll be with my close girlfriends during the day and we'll be getting a hotel room for ourselves, have a little chill in the room before the night out.

As for presents, I just got money from the in-laws, a necklace from SIL & BIL and from Jeremy, he doesn't know yet lol. But he'll be paying for my manicure and pedicure this week and still trying to find those spa packages for me. I didn't want much this year, all I wanted was to go to Philippines for a holiday and hopefully we will be. So Jeremy and I made an agreement to just get presents no more than $100 each since we're saving for our holiday.

Turning 20 isn't so bad. Everyone/a lot of people dread turning older, but I have no issues with it. I guess because I've always just felt so much older than I actually am and being a 'teen' just made me feel so young lol. I know later on the years I'll want to be at a certain age again, but for now I'm pretty content.

Here are some photos from Friday night and yesterdays lunch.


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