Friday, June 3, 2011

Update post.


Since starting my new job, I've been too busy to do anything. My everyday routine now is; waking up at 6am, get ready, eat breakfast, get dropped off to the station, 1h train ride to the city, work from 9am-5pm, catch the train home (another 1h), once I get home I eat dinner, go on the laptop for 30m-1h, play and snuggle with Jaiden and by the time it hits around 9:30pm, I'm already ready to pass out lol. Nonetheless, I really like my job, it's pretty easy and stress free (for now) which is good. 

In the meantime when I'm at work, I'm missing out on witnessing Jaiden's new capabilities. The other day, on Thursday, it was only our grandma home and our dad was coming back home from work at 7:30am so he couldn't really look after Jaiden for a little bit in the morning. That night, Jeremy was telling me, our grandma had said that she gave him milk in the morning and he disappeared, she went looking for him and peeked through our bedroom door and saw him laying down in his bed, drinking his milk and went to sleep afterwards. When I heard this, I teared inside. I can't believe Jaiden did that and I wasn't here to witness it! I just can't believe he did for starters! But I'm proud of him for being such a smart, independent little man for everyone while I'm not home. 
That night, I got Jaiden a new toy - a xylophone. I wanted to get him a toy car aswell but Jeremy insisted not to otherwise I'd be 'spoiling him'. But I'll get something else for him :)

And tonight, when Jeremy picked me up from work, he surprised me with a watch! It's so beautiful and probably a lot better than what I was going to choose if I were buying it lol. It was so sweet of him to have gotten it and he knew exactly what I was looking for; a gold band watch with jewels around it to match with my promise ring.

I love how every moment we spend with each other as a family or even as a couple, it means a lot more as each day goes by. I can't wait for our family outing tomorrow! It's the Yo Gabba Gabba concert we've been waiting to take Jaiden to for the past two months. For the whole day and night, he's had a Yo Gabba Gabba marathon to hype him up for tomorrow :P I think I'm a little more excited than he is, but only because we get to go out as a family. I'll post about that tomorrow night and let you guys know how it went :)

Also, on one of the days on my first week, I got this very sweet mms from Jeremy which immediately brightened my day 10000x more and for the whole day, I was in such a happy mood.

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