Monday, May 23, 2011

The circus is in town!

On Saturday, Jeremy and I took Jaiden and his cousin/Jeremy's niece Trinity to the circus! We were all excited since it was all our first time in attending one. It wasn't that far from us and I knew exactly where it was because it was in Liverpool, the area I grew up in and was located where I had my Year 10 Formal (lol). 

Since we were in the area, we stopped by my best friend, Mariecar's house to get the things she had bought for Jaiden when she was in America at the start of the year but only had time to stay for a mere 15-20 minutes. This time around, Jaiden wasn't as scared/shy around her as he usually is around people. Given that the time we stayed there was very little and limited, he adapted and got comfortable enough to go to each room within 5 minutes of entering their house.

Once 6:30pm hit, we went back to the car to make our way to the circus which was just down the road from Mariecar's house, a good 2/3 minute drive. When we go there, we were lucky to locate a parking spot and one that far to walk aswell. We went in and got seated straight away. While waiting for the show to start, Trinity bought herself a lighting crazy wig and showbag.

Once the show had started, the lights went off and the music was nice and loud.. Jaiden was so excited at every time that came on; he would jump up and down while sitting on my lap, dancing and clapping his hands all at the same time! Throughout the whole show! I was so glad that he enjoyed it. Even though he won't remember it when he's older, he still enjoyed the moment. Jeremy and Trinity enjoyed it too so I was glad about that aswell. On the way home, we made a minor detour and bought myself a Krispy Kreme box full of goodies (doughnuts)!

 Since we weren't allowed to take photos, during and of the show, our photos were very limited for the night but still managed to get a few snaps of ourselves.

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