Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The start of something new

This morning I had woken up to a phone call from one of the companies I had an interview for yesterday morning. The lady, named Jenny, had informed me that the employers and managers were very pleased with my results with yesterdays testings and exercises they provided/required us to do. She asked if I was still interested in the position and if I would accept. Of course I said yes! After the phone conversation, I texted Jeremy, my best friend Mariecar and our BIL Manuel, telling them about the job & asking Manuel advice & his opinion on it. He raised some questions which lead me to ring Jenny and ask her the questions and she informed me a little more about it.

When Jeremy came back home from his lecture, we got ready to do a couple of errands and to celebrate. First off, we went to the doctors to get Jaiden's 18 months check up and vaccine. It was so cute when he was getting his needle, he yelled "oooowwww" when they stuck it into his arm. Then stopped sooking as soon as the jelly bean that had been given to us was in his mouth and he was happily munching on it. Then afterwards, we headed to the shops to have a 'celebration lunch' at Hogs Breath Cafe and stuffed ourselves with some yummy ribs, salad, curly chips, steak and chicken. After our yummy lunch, we headed to the library where I had to print some papers/contracts off and to see a J.P (Justice of Peace) to sign my i.d photocopies. Lastly, we went to the City Council where I asked information on Family Day Care for Jaiden and had jotted down some available places.

Once we got home, Jeremy and I ducked out to the shops for a little bit to buy a printer, but didn't have enough funds until Thursday to buy ink with it (if you buy ink with the printer, it's 50% off), so we figured we would just wait then and save a few dollars on ink. Instead, we walked around while I look at some corporate clothing, but didn't buy anything because Jeremy said he will take me shopping on Thursday night to buy some :) he's such a good hubby.

I'm so glad that this has come up and that I've been accepted. The role is a Business Trainee so I'd also be doing a Certificate III course in Business as well as working in the firm. Even though the salary isn't it's best, this has to be one of the best starting points for the work force. It just includes so much things in one little package; a stable job, a qualification and earning money all at the same time. Jenny stated that it should take up to around a year to complete, which isn't long at all, and at the end of that, I will have/be on a better earning salary and have a qualification to add onto my achievements. I know in the long run, it will benefit me with the experience I gained if I want to change firms or move up positions. Everyone has a starting point in their career, either being great or not so good, but in the long run and in the future, I know I will be thankful to have this opportunity lay upon me.

As for Jaiden's care, Jeremy only works twice a week - Wednesday & Thursday. Every other day, he'll be taking care of Jaiden. I'm glad this will happen because then it gives them the time to have that 'father-son' bond I've always wanted them to have, they can have moments to share to everyone, including myself and make my heart melt (lol). For the two days Jeremy is working, his mum has kindly offered to change her day off from the Tuesday to a Wednesday and on Thursday, since the dad gets home at 8am from work, Jeremy's grandma will take care of him until dad wakes up/catches up on his sleep and takeover in the afternoon. Our grandma is pretty capable of taking care of Jaiden, he just watches tv with her, eats and plays by himself. She usually takes care of him while I'm sleeping in haha.

I'm going to miss being around Jaiden a lot! It's going to be such a different change for me, from being a full time mother for 18 months to being a full time worker and part-time student. But at the end of the day, I get to go home to him and his daddy. I can't ask for anything else right now. My plans are slowly going into place and how I pictured/planned it out to be.

Here are some photos from today's lunch:

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  1. Congratulations on the job! So happy for you guys. <3


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