Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Killa Burger Grill

On Sunday afternoon, Jeremy said he craved for some burgers and since we already had Hungry Jacks/McDonald's earlier that morning, I suggested we go to 'Killa Burger' for a change of scenery, an excuse to go out and a chance to finally see what the all the hype was about. So Jeremy called up his friends and made plans. We waited for Jeremy's mum to get back from work so we could leave Jaiden and then headed off.

When we got there, I didn't like the location of the place. I thought it was just in the wrong place and that they could do a lot better, customers wise, if it were in a more central place. But they apparently get busy sometimes, so I guess it's okay lol. 

Jeremy and I shared the 'Killa Beef Burger' meal, which we didn't finish! Jeremy ate 1/4 of the burger, I ate half of a quarter, gave the other to his best friend Chris & took the other quarter home lol. I also tried their fried ice cream which was recommended by a friend through Facebook, but to my disappointment, it wasn't as great. Apparently it wasn't good all together.. Because it was the first time ever trying it out, I didn't know what was good/bad, but I gotta admit.. it didn't taste great. Then when we were done, we headed back home while the boys went off to play some Aqua Golf.

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