Sunday, January 9, 2011

Haircut - Dinner - Birthday

Friday day plans were cancelled for Jeremy & I - Jaiden & I were supposed to go to lunch with our family friend Hariette but she had to cancel in order to prepare for her brothers dinner that night & Jeremy was supposed to go to the beach with his friends but then it started raining. So instead, two of Jeremy's friends; Chris & Billy came over for lunch and Jeremy cooked up curry, since he hadn't made any in a while.

Then late afternoon/early evening, we made our way to Jeremy's sisters house as we planned a couple of days prior and I also made my cheesecake again at 12am the night before. I tried a little twist to it and changed the chocolate type, originally being white & I used milk instead. You can actually taste the difference in them - the nut & macadamia from the cookies/base stands out more, you can taste the chocolate difference but not doubt, it was still yummy! While we were there, we had pizza for dinner & we also tried something new with it, we had sesame seeds on the crust and it was actually yummy and very different! 


We also gave Jaiden a head shave of his hair because it was just too long and he did not like it one bit!! He hated the buzzing sounds that were coming out of the shaver and hated it even more when it touched his head. He was bawling his eyes out and it got worst as it continued to shave his hair off. It was the first time he had even seen a shaver before, so I think that's why he was so frightened. 

These photos shows how much he hated it.

We gave him a quick bath afterwards, which we thought would have calmed him down but was still crying and didn't want to go near anyone but me. We later calmed down after we took him back to the TV where Yo Gabba Gabba was playing and where his bottle was with juice and also where there was food.

Not long after, we headed off to Hariette's house for her brother Harold's 23rd birthday dinner. There we saw everyone else, who I hadn't seen in so so long! Jaiden was a little shy at first because they were either 'new' faces or hadn't seen them enough to be used to be around with. But as usual, if there is food, 
he will be okay lol. 

Then he played around with their dog Tipsy. Which he had a 'love/hate' relationship with that night. He would go up to him and touch his face then slowly make his way to his ears and pull them lol. Then later Tipsy would bark then Jaiden would cry for about 2 seconds because he got scared then try to go back up to him again & the whole thing starts again lol, he never learns his lesson :P

We didn't get home until around after 1AM. It was really good to be surrounded by 'family' for the whole day, and just being with them felt so comforting in a way since we hadn't been together in so long, well, Jaiden & I haven't.

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