Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Minute

At the last minute this morning, Jeremy and I decided to go to the beach and take my 3 boy cousins since they never go out & also planned to meet up with Jeremy's friends at the beach. But by the time we dropped Jaiden off to my mums & picked up the boys, it was already hitting 12:30pm & by the time we would've gotten to the beach, it would have already been after 1:30pm, so Jeremy decided to just take us to Homebush Aquatic Centre instead.

Again, we got the passes for the steam room & sauna, like last time. We hardly saw kids since they were running around, doing their own thing and having fun. Then Jeremy's friends Chris & Brad joined us in the steam room & sauna. We only had the opportunity to go into the spa because there were just way too many people in there and way too many kids! I wished we brought Jaiden along but we just didn't have room in the car because of the 3 boys.

But anyway, before leaving we had some food - hot chips, sausage roll & beef burger. We stayed there for a good 3 hours or maybe more then it was home time for all of us, except for Chris & Brad who stayed there longer since they arrived later than we did. I conked out straight away in the car. The sauna/steam room always has that effect on me.

It was good to have a day out & to take my cousins out aswell. I know they had fun. I brought my DSLR with my but since we were in the water for most of the time, I didn't get to play around and take photos.

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