Sunday, January 2, 2011

From finish to start

First of all, I just want to greet you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hope this year will be filled with greater things to look forward to and to be awarded with.
I know as a family, we will have plenty to look forward to, see new places, meet new people and try new things. I can't wait for what the new year will have awaiting for us all.

Friday - New Years Eve:
The Rosas family planned for us to all go to the pools for the day and we settled for The Aquatic Centre in Homebush. Jeremy had very kindly shouted everyone their entry fee which included access to the sauna & spa. Once we got in, we quickly set our things aside and went straight into the water! 

At first Jaiden was scared of the water and immediately just wanted me and only me. He eventually got used to it and started splashing around and kicking him legs. We let him go on his tummy and Jeremy would hold his legs and make him kick them through the water while we walk around the place. Then when our parents came in, they took over watch of the kids and we went to the spa, sauna and steam room. It was so refreshing! We all felt like we were on holidays! We were all just talking about our proposed Queensland family holiday later on the year, which we can't wait for now!

When we went back to Jaiden, an Asian man was nice enough to lend Jaiden his daughters little floaties seat where Jaiden absolutely loved! When he saw us, he would wave and showoff his new kicking skills. It was so cute and wished I had my camera in handy! After that, we let him out of the pool to get some food and to have a rest from the water. I ended up trying to sun bathe but there was no chance of me staying under the sun for long. It was so hot and I could feel my skin burning. Jeremy also forced me out of the sun because I wasn't wearing any sunscreen, which was good of him to or I would've been burnt and would've regretted it. It was also just too bright for my eyes, I had to close them or squint just to look up, I eventually had to steal Jeremy's sunnies off him just to make me see better.

 We all came out and had sandwiches for lunch, Jeremy's sister got me to try drinking a tim-tam like a straw with hot chocolate. It was so good! The chocolate just melted in my mouth *drool. Then the others went back in the water while I stayed outside with the girls, except Trinity, and with Jaiden because he was too busy eating and got changed not long after and then quickly fell asleep. Everyone else got ready to go home.

By 1pm, we were all set to go home and luckily we didn't have to pay for parking because the cashier gave us 4 hours free parking and we left just 10 minutes before it would've charged.

lol he's picking his nose -.- 

I was so glad we were back home because my allergies from the pools didn't clear up until we were in the car and died out when we got home. I even took an allergy tablet to ease it down but didn't work for me! Everyone said it was the chlorine, but I've never had the problem before? hmm.. Anyway, we all rested for a few hours and napped before heading out again. I did my cheesecake mixture before having my nap so we had time to let it set in the freezer.  At around 6pm-ish, we all got ready to go back out to Jeremy's sisters house where we celebrated the New Years at.

When we got there, we all attacked the food that was already waiting for us, because we took long to get there since the parents took their time lol. But anyway, the chicken we had was so yummy! Credits to the brother-in-law for barbecuing it, we teamed our dinner up with Vodka & Lemonade which went down really well together. Then we just talked and had more drinks. Then we just sat out for a little bit and watched the kids play around with their toys.

We played with the Shots Roulette they had and prepared for us. We all dreaded the only serving of tequila in there but luckily I didn't get that shot and the brother in law did :P though the vodka jelly shots were pretty strong and dreaded getting that each time it was my turn lol.

Then we played the game "Jenga" where you stack up blocks and whoever knocked it down had to drink 3 shots in a row. And since I knocked the blocks down when it was my turn because the boys were being silly and blowing on it lol. We all had to drink a shot each and Jeremy's sister served us CS Cowboy shots with whipped cream. It was strong but still pretty nice.

Then to kill time, we watched Easy A and finally served my cheesecake! Everyone loved it! Jeremy's sister even said "it's the best cheesecake I've ever tasted", I was so flattered hearing it from the kitchen lol everyone had a few servings for themselves :P So glad they liked it!

Then we watched Tomorrow When The War Began, once the parents finished watching The Town. And I've gotta say, it was a pretty good movie! Considering it being Australian and they hardly produce anything of such good quality. Then we watched the fireworks on TV and greeted each other. The fireworks were quite amazing! Then afterwards, we got ready to go home since we were all so tired and Jaiden couldn't sleep properly. Jeremy ended up having 3 tequila shots before leaving lol.

Oh and Jaiden started walking! It wasn't a fluke at all because he kept getting up continuously to walk! We clapped and cheered him on, and he would keep walking while clapping at the same time to join us. It was the cutest thing ever! I was so happy, I was tearing up. But no one knew that :P well, now you do lol.

Saturday - New Years Day:
We all had a late morning wake up since we were all tired and turned out Jeremy had a hangover haha. We practically just stayed in bed for the whole day and only went out once to get food and cook the barbecue. Then we had our Aunty & Uncle over from Canberra.

I initially wanted to go to the beach since it was reaching tops of 40 degrees celcius in Western Sydney, but I thought it would've been a bad day with it being the day after a big celebration, which only meant there would have been left over rubbish and bad things the kids could've found in the sand so we scrapped that idea. Maybe another day.

I was in the mood to make another cheesecake and everything but the shops were closed so we couldn't go fetch needed ingredients, we couldn't even get ice cream :( but anyway, Jeremy suggested I make bread and butter pudding over making cupcakes so I got to making! Our Aunty said it was one of her favourite dishes so she watched me as I did everything, a little bit of pressure there, just a little though :P And yes, my head kept getting bigger when Jeremy's sister arrived and they talked about my cheesecake from last night lol. Now they can't wait for me to make it next time. Our niece even asked for me to make it tonight lol cute.

Aunty and Uncle only stayed to have one serving of the dish and then they had to go home because it was a fair drive for them. Then we drank our causal Baileys with milk drink while watching a movie on TV. Then it was home time for sister in law and pack up time for us all. Now we're in our room just doing our thing.

I was quite pleased with myself with how my pudding turned out! It was pretty good for a first time try!

Jeremy just came back not long ago from his bike riding and he brought me back a McDonalds float - frozen coke w/ soft serve ice cream. Didn't matter if it were already just about to hit 11pm lol.

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