Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rest Peacefully Beautiful.

You will be missed very dearly from us all. 
We love you.

Cecilia Ravarava (Sia De-Sousa)
24 May, 1991 - 1 January, 2011.

We were never really close but close enough to call you a friend and to feel for you. In the years of knowing you, I have always known you to be loud, happy, bright and a vibrant person. When you talk about the sad things, I can always picture you just shrugging it away and being so optimistic about it all.  You were such a friendly person, so genuine, I wouldn't have any clue why no one will love you.

The images of you are those when you were always happy and smiling, being that happy person you always were and that is how you'll forever remain in my eyes.

This has impacted a lot of people, even to those who you weren't close to but close enough to call you a 'friend'. Seeing those who you were close to is just so heartbreaking, I can't imagine what your family is going through. Every time I think of you, I tear up inside and cry. Even if I try and stay strong, the tears are too strong for me to hold back. I can't imagine losing a friend this way. I still can't believe you're gone. It's a shock to us all.

We've come to realise that life is too precious and that nothing should be taken for granted.

Rest in peace. You are beautiful and forever will be.

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