Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals

This year, we don't have many goals or resolutions. I guess we just make goals as they come.

Our main goal is to save money! As typical as it is, this will probably be a permanent goal each year. But for this year, it's for the purpose of saving for our proposed holidays - Philippines with my mum & Queensland with Jeremy's side of the family and possibly Fiji with Jeremy or some other location, just a getaway with just the two of us. And most importantly, for a house on top of the holidays savings.

A personal goal is to try and start my driving hours so I can get my P's ASAP. I know a lot of people say this and not do anything about it, but I know it's a need so I will try my very best to have them done, at least quarter way of the required, which is 30 hours.

Jeremy's resolution is to work more to save more.

So as you can see, nothing much at all but a lot of saving to do!

Hope you guys have a good year ahead of you all.

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