Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best Friend visits

Today Jeremy, Jaiden & I went to visit my best friend before she departs for America on Saturday, at my hometown of Liverpool. Which everyone thinks is in the middle of no-where, but it literally is only 20 minutes away lol.

To start off with, Jaiden was very shy and wouldn't leave my site. And when I would try to, he would chuck crying tantrums. This isn't new to us, it's a usual thing he does, especially when there's "new people" around or even people he hardly ever sees. But when an hour or so later passed, he was fine and started being his naughty self - walking everywhere, touching everything, playing with everything, screaming & etc. It's as if he has to touch everything he sees lol. He got even naughtier with food around him - scrunching his chips up & throwing them on the floor, touching everyones plates and drinks lol. He can get so cheeky at times.

After all the eating, Mariecar took Jaiden outside to see her guinea pigs and tried to feed them, then they took him to the other lounge room where he was playing the piano and running around. When I came, they started to dress him up in Melanie's (little sister) fairy/ballet outfits. I couldn't help but just laugh and take pictures because it was cute but when we showed Jeremy, he immediately got angry and told me to take it off lol. It was all obviously  just for fun though.

Afterwards when it was just after 3pm, we headed home. I initially wanted to go and stop by at the Supre Factory Outlet in Wetherill Park since it was on the way, but thought that I didn't need to get anything anyway, so we just headed off to Blacktown Westpoint to quickly get some nappies and then home time after picking Chris up.

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