Friday, January 21, 2011

28 degrees.

This week and the coming week, Summer has decided to show itself to us all. It was tops of 28˚C in Deewhy today and luckily enough, it was also Jeremy's day off. So we decided to go to the beach and take my little cousins with us, since the school holidays are almost over and also because we went to the Aquatic Centre instead, the last time we planned to go.

We got to the beach and the sand was on fire! It was literally too hot to walk on, so Jeremy and I found ourselves power-walking our way to where the boys had settled down. The boys all went in to swim while I just stayed and sunbathed. It was very relaxing. I was just laying down, listening to music and messaging/facebooking (my entertainment) and soaking in all the sun I could get.

I certainly did get all the sun I could get, because now I am suffering from sunburn! I hadn't realised I was so sunburnt, I actually thought I dodged it and got a tan. But I couldn't have been more wrong! My body is now aching non-stop especially on my arms/shoulders and my legs! I've been continuously applying Aloe Vera, I wish I could just bathe in the thing!

Here are some photo's I took. Glad I got new ones :)




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