Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bron's Baby Shower

On Sunday we had my friend Bronwyn's Baby Shower, that I took part in with the organising together with our friends Lorreine and Sarah. My role was to get lolly jars and get some games - since games are hard to get off the shelf, I managed to find a 4 in 1 packet at Spotlight and Kaecee drew out 'Pin the dummy on the baby' game.

It was a pretty windy day and because of this, a lot of people left before we could start the games. But we still had the 'younger' people to play along with and we all still had fun. Sarah organised games and on the day we played - draw a baby on the paper plate on top of your head, create a diaper on someone using toilet paper and the guys had to tie their shoe laces without popping the balloon in their shirts.

It's such a great day and feeling knowing someone close to you is expecting a little human that will change everyone's lives, really soon. I can't be happier for Bron and I can't wait to meet our little man Tristan.

As our present, I DIY'd a Diaper Cake. No one believed that I made it until I actually told them haha.

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