Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aroma Festival

Today we went to the The Rock's Aroma Festival at Circular Quay, Sydney. It was supposed to be a girls day out but one backed out and so we made a family outing, with Jess (our helper for the day lol). 

We started our day pretty early, leaving the house at 9am and dropping our car off to Jess' house, since there were track works from where we were and where Jess lives is where it starts. So it was pretty convenient. Then we headed to the city together. Once we got there, it was so packed and made it so much harder for us because we had a pram.

At first, I thought the stall were free, but when we got there, they actually weren't. Which  was a little disappointment, but at least their drinks weren't too over priced, though there food was! We bought Jeremy a burger at the start because he was starving for $15 that came with a coke.. It was so expensive, even though it was yummy. 

But anyway, we made our way around the whole place, squeezing ourselves through the crowd of people in the streets. We got separated from Jess in the middle though because she was lining up for some 'spiral spuds' which took her 1.5h to actually order and get it in her hands lol. So we just walked around, took photos, got some Dutch Poffertjes and then made our way to the other side where we then met up with Jess, as well as having a little tucker from the Italian Village. 

After that, we continued to make our way around the block to the other side where The Rocks Markets were held. We looked around there as well as the stalls that were part of the Aroma Festival. And then made our way back to the station. 

We got through the whole festival plus the markets in about 4 hours, including getting separated with Jess and having to travel and push our way through everyone with our pram. It was such a good day and great weather which made everything else perfect. I loved today! I can't wait for our next family outing.

Here's a whole bunch of photos from the day.


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  1. Ah, Angel you're stunning. I dig your style, I also really need to head to these festivals!


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