Thursday, August 4, 2011

My source of energy

On Monday night Jaiden had to be babysat because the whole of Tuesday, everyone was at work (including parents-in-law), so he was dropped off to my mums on that night.

Tuesday day came and found myself being exhausted, out of the loop, not concentrating at work, tired.. the whole 'bad day, I just want to go home' kind of day, for the whole day. I couldn't wait until I went home because I knew Jaiden would be there already, waiting for me. 

Wednesday came and despite the jagged sleep we had the night before because Jaiden was continuously tossing and turning, crying out of no where.. I was feeling so much better that day at work. I was on top of my game, as every other day. It is now the end of my Thursday and I don't feel anywhere near how I felt on Tuesday.

It didn't make sense that I was overly tired at work on Tuesday because there was no baby crying in my ear at night and I had a nights sleep. And then it hit me and Jeremy.. Jaiden's presence makes the biggest difference.

He is my source of energy. He is our source of energy.

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