Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunset on the hill

After Jeremy had finished work, he quickly stopped by his friends house to see his new ride that he just got today and then came home to pick Jaiden and I up. We then made our way to the hill top. It's really funny how the suburb is called 'Rooty Hill' and it actually had a 'hill', so yes, we went to 'Rooty Hill hill' lol.

There we met up with Jeremy's friends and they were just kicking the ball around, Jaiden was getting pushed around on his bike and he joined his daddy when fetching the ball. We didn't stay too long because Jaiden was started to continuously cough. We went just when the sun had just set. We managed to get good photos with the sunset.

Definitely cannot wait until Spring weather. More days in the park and more days outside enjoying the lovely sun.

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