Sunday, August 28, 2011

Girls, cocktails and music

Friday night after work, I had a girls night out with my main girl friends Stacee, Kaecee and Jess. We started the night out at the Docks Hotel along Darling Harbour, where we had finger foods - Prawn pizza and wedges and cheap cocktails! Lucky for us, the venue had 1/2 priced cocktails from 8-10pm and since we got there at 9:30pm we just made it on time and got two each. We had different flavours ranging from Toblerone, Cosmopolitan, Midori splice, Fruit tingle and Moscow Mule.

After around 2 hours of chilling, talking, eating, drinking and having laughs, our friend Jo met us at Docks and then made our way to the other side of the harbour to Pontoon, the club. Lucky we didn't need to line up because I knew one of the managers there and we got let in straight away, the line was pretty long. Inside we met a few other friends and then got ourselves settled down, with two jugs of drinks, which was pretty convenient so we didn't have to make trips.

The club wasn't as good as it was the last two times I went there. At the end of the night we agreed to try a new club where there were new people and new scenery. You could say 'a non-Asian' club. But that won't be until a while. For now, we agreed to just stick to cocktails and dinner, where we had more fun at.

We still had a good time with each other's company. Which is what matters most ♥ 


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