Friday, August 19, 2011

Cirque Du Soleil

Last week Jeremy bought tickets for Cirque Du Soleil for the both of us to make me happy because I was really stressed through out the week. So for the rest of the week I was looking forward to it.

On Sunday after Jeremy came back from work, he quickly got ready and made our way to Homebush Bay where we had a good 1 hour to spare. We were going to dine in at Ribs n Rumps but we knew we wouldn't have had enough time, so we just ordered take away and ate in the car park before going inside the venue.

We weren't allowed to take any photos so unfortunately I have no images to share with you all from that night. But I can say that it was such a great show. Every time they would do something insane, like the guy on the bicycle, riding it backwards and doing hand stands on it.. I would cringe and squeeze Jeremy's hand because I was scared for them lol. I loved how they had a live band and singer present so everything was live. The singer was amazing with her voice and the band was amazing as well.. it was as if it were all recorded.

Afterwards we headed straight home and did a little maccas run where we had our dessert, ice cream. We wish we stayed out longer and did something else but couldn't because I had work the next morning and so did our parents so we had to get back to Jaiden as early as we could.

I love having dates.  It's such a great break and to have some 'us' time since we hardly spend any time together because of work.

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