Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jeremy's 22nd Birthday

On Thursday, 28th July, it was Jeremy's 22nd birthday. We didn't have anything planned for the day though because we both had work that day and couldn't really do anything anyway. 

On Thursday night, his friends took him out for dinner to Hooters, where he apparently got drunk and was forced to dance with hoola-hoops because it was his birthday haha. Then on Friday night, after getting home from work, we went out on a dinner to Meat and Wine Co. in Parramatta. We had such a great meal there, cocktail for me and a beer for Jeremy.
The funniest thing happened in the middle of eating, there was a car chase that was happening right next to the restaurant. The guy driving the car seemed as if he wasn't fussed at all, just cruising along with one cigarette in one hand and there were like 5 police cars just speeding and tailing him lol.

After dinner, we just went straight home because I was so drained and tired. We just watched Teen Wolf until we fell asleep.

Jeremy requested that I have my hair and make up done for that night, like how it was on my 20th birthday celebration night since he wasn't there to see me all dolled up. So it took me an hour more to get my hair done and make up done. I usually only take 30 minutes to get ready. It was such hard work for me, I don't know how people can be so bothered to do their hair and make up everyday.

On Saturday, we had Jeremy's BIL and the kids over (SIL was home sick :( ). I baked a cake for Jeremy, he wanted something 'gooey' and moist, so I made a mousse cake with Oreo icing. BIL cooked some pork belly.

The food was so yum, especially the nice and crispy/crunchy pork belly skin and the moist meat. Everyone loved my chocolate cake. It was better than I expected it to have come out, I thought I was going to stuff up. Though it was a little richer than I thought. Everyone didn't mind and loved it regardless.

Here are photos from the two days, night and day:



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