Saturday, July 23, 2011

The end of Harry Potter

Since it was the last ever Harry Potter movie, Jeremy, Manuel and Cheryl (brother & sister in law) decided to watch it at the IMAX theatre. We had planned to watch it last week, but plans came up and had to postpone it.

We left our area around 11am, giving us 1 hour for the drive into the city and as we planned, we arrived there right on the dot of 12pm. We walked around China town looking for places to eat and settled for BBQ King, originally where Manuel wanted to take us to. Admittedly, the place looked very cheap and kind of dodgy but the food was surprisingly really nice and decent enough for me to enjoy (I have a very hard time eating at new joints, especially Asian places). After having our feed, we grabbed some Starbucks and since we had a good 1 hour to kill, we walked over to Harbourside shopping centre and just looked around then made our way to the cinemas. Bought some popcorn and drinks then made our way to our seats.

After the movie, we grabbed some ice cream since we could use our tickets as a 'buy one get one free' voucher. And then walked our way back to car where we headed for home. Though Manuel kept taking wrong turns and we ended up in some suburb that was beyond Kings Cross lol but I wanted to stay there and enjoy the water view and house siting, but had to get home asap because of the kids. We eventually made our way back onto the right road and then home.

The movie overall was so sad but so great! I love Harry Potter, I always have, since the beginning and I've never been disappointed with any movie. But I was so sad that it's all come to an end now. We don't have anything else to look forward to every year, one of my favourite things to look forward to every year. I will make it mandatory for us to have all movies, when they get released in Blueray 3D.

I loved today. Everything went to plan, time wise and nothing went wrong. We all enjoyed ourselves, having some adult time together without having to worry and/or stress about what the kids are doing. Manuel has proposed that our next outing will be the drive in, this time we can take the kids. But we've all agreed to have a break/outing like these more often.

Here are some photos from today; excuse the bad quality, I only had my iPhone.


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