Wednesday, July 6, 2011


On Saturday day, before meeting up with the girls, I got a manicure and pedicure (Courtesy of Jeremy) and then picked Kaecee up and made our way to Jess' house. Then cruised our way to the city, stopping by a bottle shop on the way. Parked our car at Jess' friends place and walked our way to the hotel, we stayed at the Marriot Hotel along College street. On the way, we quite a few lamborghini's and a couple ferrari's.. Kaecee was in heaven! lol

Once checked in, put our stuff in our room and slightly unpacked our things, we made our way to CBD where we fetched some lunch which ended up being our dinner aswell lol. Then looked around for some accessories and took Kaecee to Zara. Then made our way back to the hotel.


After a little bit, our friend Jamie came by after work, followed by Stacee. We started drinking and just had catchups, convos and convinced Jamie to come to the club, since she was just going to go home lol. We started getting ready at around 7pm. Kaecee did my curls and my 'smokey eyeshadow' while I did the rest of the make up. Kept the drinks going and taking as much photos as could.


Then after a long wait and phone call to Sarah, Lorreine and Bron giving them directions around the city to our hotel, they finally arrived lol. They drank more and took more photos, with their present that they gave.. which I won't disclose here haha. Jess and Jamie left before the girls arrived because Jess had to be at the club early since she was working that night.


At around 10pm or so, we finally made our way to the club, which was around a 15 minute walk or so because we took our time & Bron kept slipping in her heels lol! For once, we had to line up for a while until one of the head promotors took us out of the line and made us walk to the front *phew. The club was surprisingly really packed which only meant more sleazy guys! They were everywhere! Kinda killed my buzz.. as always. But I still had a fun time regardless.


The day after, we luckily didn't have to wake up too early as we had a 12pm check out, though we were ready by 10:30am/11am and just chilled and talked to kill time. Then on the way, walking back to the car, we stopped for lunch at some Japanese joint. Didn't really like their food there, no offence. Then made our way back to the West, dropping Sarah off first, followed by me. Kaecee and Jess hung out afterwards I believe. 

Spent the rest of my after with Jeremy, Jaiden was asleep when I arrived. Then when our mum arrived from work, we went for a little trip to get an external hard drive for my mac, so I could re-install iPhoto and upload my photos properly without having to resize them individually.

Thanks to all my girls for coming out! Just what I wanted to do to celebrate, spend the day and night with my favourite girls!  ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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