Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shopping & early Mothers Day presents

I don't know where to begin about telling you all what I got up to today.. Everything is so scattered in my mind at the moment from overwhelmed happiness lol. I guess I should obviously start from the very beginning of today.

Woke up and got ready nice and early and was ready for my friend Jess to pick me by 10am then I get a call from her at 9:45am saying she just woke up lol but I wasn't too fussed since I hadn't had my morning coffee yet and I could stay a little longer with my little man. After receiving the call from Jess saying, I got calls from my mum which made me stress a little because she got me to do some errands which just ruined my plans all together but at the end when it was time to do what she asked for, everything turned out as to plan.

Instead of leaving my house at 10am, Jess and I left at around 11:30am and made our way to the city for some shopping. After parking our car at Jess' friends place, we caught the bus to Central where Market City was, a quick 10-15 minute trip, we immediately went straight to shopping and looking around. 
We went into an Urban store where I spotted 'Nude Lucy' jeans that were on sale and were in my size. I went and tried out two pairs, one pair being a size 25 which did not fit me because they were just so tight! They were honestly so small that the bottom part of the pants could not go past my heels, literally. The other pair were a size 24 and luckily had zipper bottom sides, which didn't really make a difference because it still came past my heels and fit me great! I was so surprised at how the first pair didn't/couldn't fit when the second pair was a size smaller.
Then we kept looking around and met up with one of Jess' friends who had a 2h break until her next Uni class and so she just walked around with us. Then after an hour of walking around, we met up with one of our friends who was working & due for her lunch break and went to have some Maccas. Before going back up for some more shopping & walking around, Jess quickly ducked into Paddy's Markets which was just underneath Market City to purchase an NBA jersey for tomorrow's clubbing event. When we got back to drop our friend off, I was a little saddened because I saw the Yo Gabba Gabba high top vans with all the characters on it. I was so close to getting it but he already has a pair so instead I purchased him another pair of vans because my friend was working and was kind enough to give me his 40% staff discount :) then proceeded with shopping for Jaiden's clothes. Jess and I also bought our God-children some ugg boots for the winter (they're siblings).

Before leaving to go home, I traditionally got Jeremy his ramen as he requested then made our way back to our car via bus again. The way home was a pain, it took us literally 2 hours to get home from the city which would normally take us tops of 1 hour. On the way, we stopped by at Starbucks and got ourselves some hot chocolates/macchiato's and stopped off at Kaecee's house to give the kids their ugg boots and hung around a little bit.

I got dropped off at around 9:30pm where I saw my Mother's Day present/s. Jeremy earlier on the night txt'd me saying he was sorry that he couldn't get the mixer he said he was going to get me because he thought it wasn't right for the retailed price.. though I had a little hunch he had something else bigger to get when I read it. Then he got my bag our of our closet and said "Jaiden took this bag & poured everything out in the lounge" then he insisted that I put my bag away and before doing so, I looked inside to see if something were in there since he kept pushing me and there, I saw an iPhone 4 white! I was so surprised! I got a new phone and a new mixer! I am the happiest and luckiest mother right now!


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