Saturday, May 14, 2011

Che's Baby Shower & Visitors

Today we got up nice and early for Jeremy to get some papers from the RTA and then planned on going to my friend Rachel's baby shower. But we were a little delayed because Jeremy took a while to come back & then Jeremy's sister & brother-in-law came over with the kids, so Jeremy ate before leaving. We ended up arriving at 12pm lol but it was okay, when we just arrived, they were just giving grace for the food so weren't really late.

When we arrived, Jeremy took Jaiden to the playset and let him go on the swings which he didn't like and got scared of lol same with the slippery slide. Then he just ran around by himself and kept going up and down the stairs that takes you to the slide. We had a little walk around aswell where there was a bridge and just walked up and down it & took photos. Then for a little bit more, we let Jaiden play before we left. We ended up leaving around an hour or so later because it was just so cold for all of us and Jaiden started coughing.

Before going home, we stopped off at Shop Smart to look around. They didn't have much things that caught my attention, I mainly went in there to see if I could get a cheap(er) trench for myself and/or Jaiden. I just left with a few lingerie for me & a coat for Jaiden. I was very disappointed at their baby/boys range.. there was literally just one isle for the baby boys and the rest were girls. I really hate when that happens! But at least Jaiden's got a new coat now.

When we got home, we had a pleasant little surprise which was Jaiden's 2nd cousin Tayanna who came and visited with her Grandma & Grandpa. We never see her because they live in Canberra & she hardly comes down to Sydney with her grandparents. The last time we saw her was Christmas last year. Jaiden was a little shy around her but slowly got used to her later on.. Taya was just enjoying getting tickles upside-down by Uncle Jeremy with a little of my help haha.


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