Sunday, April 29, 2012

Taronga Zoo

Yesterday we went to the zoo, as a last minute family outing. It was the first time taking Jeremy, our niece Trinity and of course, Jaiden.

I was so excited to take Jaiden. He knew most of his animals which was a good thing because he knew what we were looking at. But I think Jeremy had the most fun out of everyone. He enjoyed seeing and reading about each animal we visited. Jeremy found his favourite animal, which was the Indian Star Tortoise. He even asked if we could get one as a pet lol. Jaiden had a couple of favourites; turtles, lions, tigers, monkey (chimps/gorillas) and the elephants.

We went to the kids trail, which I didn't even know existed. It was a good place for Jaiden. He was more familiar with the animals there since they were just farm animals. He was even brave enough to feed the goat. I was surprised Jaiden knew what a Kangaroo was, but unfortunately when we went to them, they were at the very back and was hard for Jaiden to spot.

Because we arrived just before 1:30pm, we only had3.5 hours to explore and because of this, we unfortunately were only able to see one show, which was the bird show. It was still good and Jeremy loved it. But next time, we definitely will be going earlier and actually plan the day ahead so we can see all the shows and also have a go on the skyscraper they have.

We stayed until they closed and made a pit stop at Ben and Jerry's to grab some dessert since it was just on the way as well.


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