Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Long Weekend 2012

This year for Easter Friday, Jaiden and I spent it with Hariette and her family. We attended the 'Stations of the Cross' followed with a picnic at Warragamba Dam.  Jeremy stayed home because Sister-in-law and her family were over, so he cooked up a fish filled lunch for them.

On Easter Saturday, we went to Freshwater Beach for the day with my family. Jaiden stayed amongst the rocks where there were little rock pools and played there for the whole day. It was a little too cold to swim though, so it was only my cousin Roden who swam out of all of us.
 It was a good family day out. I love doing things like this with my family.

At night, I went out with Hariette and her uni girlfriends, Emily and Jamie. We started the night off with dinner at a Spanish restaurant, Capitan Torres Restaurant. Followed with clubbing at Luxe, Martin Place Bar. I also bumped into my my primary school friend Julie. It was so good seeing her, after almost 10 years!

Easter Sunday was rest day for Jaiden and I, and work for Jeremy.

Easter Monday was Jeremy's and my 4 year anniversary. Since we planned to celebrate it on another day, we just went out to our local mall and had a little family day out.

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