Sunday, April 22, 2012

Four years of LOVE

On April 9, Jeremy and I reached our four years of being together and celebrated on April 13.

We started the day off by having breakfast as a family together and then dropped Jaiden to my mums. Made our way to the city and was 2 hours earlier than our estimated check-in time. So we checked-in and since our room wasn't yet ready, we just walked around CBD. Took a quick look around at Tiffany and Co. and had a quick feed at Pitt St. Westfields before making our way to Circular Quay for our Harbour Bridge climb.

Considering I am absolutely terrified heights, the thought of climbing the bridge didn't hit me, even when I had a good 2/3 weeks of knowing about it, even when we started climbing. But as soon as I saw water below my feet, I started shitting it. I grabbed on the railings on both sides of me, walked like an old woman, one step at a time, two feet on one step on the stairs. If I i couldn't get hold of a railing on either side of me, I'd immediately think I would fall and start to panic. Lucky Jeremy and I were the last two people of the group because I certainly would have delayed everyone behind us.

There was one moment when we were walking down the stairs when we were finishing up, and since I was so slow, Jeremy ended up nudging me forward and I froze for what felt like 5 minutes and had a mini heart attack and even nearly cried. And yes, I honestly thought I was going to fall forward lol.

My favourite part of the climb was when we reached the top and stayed for a few minutes just overlooking the whole of Sydney. It was so beautiful and I was able to spend that moment with Jeremy :) Despite I thought I nearly died, it was an amazing thing to experience! Highly recommended to be done, if you're ever in Sydney!

When we finished, we made a little grocery run and made our way to our hotel room. When we got in, I was so in love. We had a foyer with champagne waiting for us, the bathroom was like a walk in wardrobe and the room was massive. So, we cancelled our dinner reservations and walked down the road from our hotel and got take-away Tony Roma's and pigged out in our hotel room. Took advantage of our spa and spent the whole night there.

The next morning, we helped ourselves to a buffet breakfast before packing up. After checking out, we had a little stroll to The Star and got ourselves some Adriano Zumbo goodies. I loved the food court at The Star! Afterwards, we made our way back home to our Jaiden.

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  1. How exciting, I wouldn't be able to climb the bridge without crying my eyes out, I hate it when he drives over it.


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