Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pablo's 22nd Surprise Birthday

This year Jess, Stacee's boyfriend Nikko and I organised a surprise birthday celebration this year for my good friends Stacee and Kaecee.

The plan turned out to be perfect because the two weren't going to celebrate it together this year as their plans continuously clashed with each others. Though it was a little disappointing that not many people turned up from the invite list we made up. Even when everyone know the importance of this day. Just goes to show who your true friends are right?

We reserved a section at Docks Bar, curtesy of Jess' friend who works there. It didn't turn out to be as planned, having the girls arrive at the same time so Kaecee was  the first one to be surprised. We knew she was angry when she got there because they ended up having dinner at Maccas, which we all know it's not what you would want to eat for your birthday haha. Stacee didn't come until a few minutes after. Both of them covered with their blazer/hands.

They were definitely surprised that they were together with friends, family and most importantly with each other.

There, we had a few drinks for a couple of hours. Some went off to have dinner, including Kaecee and her fiance John (their original plan) haha. Afterwards, we made our way to the other side of the harbour to Pontoon where a few more people came. As always, we stayed there until the club closed, just so we got out nights worth.

I'm sure everyone had a fun time, especially the twins.

*** A big THANK YOU to everyone who came and made this day happen and extra special for the girls. ***

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