Sunday, February 5, 2012

Samantha & Roden's Engagement

Yesterday was my cousin Roden and his now fiance Samantha's Engagement Party.

The turn was a lot bigger than I expected. But then again being young, you would know a lot of people. It was good to see my little cousins again, it seems like forever since I hadn't seen them. Even though I just saw them 2 weeks ago.

Jaiden was having the time of his life running around and playing with the other kids. He was so amused when the singers, guitarists and drummers did their own thing. He was so eager to go up on stage with them and play with the guitars haha.

Jeremy and I didn't stay until the end since we were both tired. Luckily the venue was only 15 minutes away from us.

A big Congratulations to Roden and Samantha! We love you guys!

I can't wait for the wedding day. I finally have somewhere to attend to that requires you to dress up!

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