Monday, February 20, 2012

All worth it

For the past 3 weeks and for another 3 weeks, I have been and continue to work hard. I've been going into work at 7:30am or either don't leave work until 6pm, having lunch at my desk and only having a couple of toilet breaks.

On the weekend Jeremy and I were on the hunt for a Buzz Light Year toy for Jaiden but the stores we looked at, at the mall we were at only had Jessie and Woody. So tonight after work, Jeremy and I looked at our local K-mart before going home and viola! We found one!

At first I gave Jaiden the empty box it came in and he started to cry and sook because all he found inside was the manuel and a picture of Buzz on the back. Then I pulled out of my bag and he had the biggest shocked face and smile. The look on Jaiden's face was priceless. I wanted to cry. He was so happy.

Today assured me of the purposes of all this hard work I was doing. It doesn't matter if I don't get rewarded for this (okay, maybe a little), but the best reward of all - is to see my family happy.

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