Monday, March 26, 2012


On Saturday, we went to our favourite beach Deewhy to spend the day. We didn't go there to swim, but to just soak in the sun and have a picnic.

Jeremy's niece Trinity loved it there (I'm pretty sure that was her first time at the beach). Jaiden had fun playing with the sand and building sand castles with her cousin.

The crazy lady that I am, I wore jeans thinking it wouldn't be hot enough to wear anything else. Which of course, I regretted once we got in the car. I ended up getting sunburnt around my shoulders, but nothing too major and for once, didn't hurt.

After having some time on the beach, we headed to the park area where we had a picnic and ate fresh seafood for lunch. Jaiden met a cute little friend while eating; he was so fluffy, I just wanted to squeeze him! He was so confident, he even gave the dog his ball right to his mouth haha.

A good 3 or 4 hours well spent out in the sun and was so relaxing. I couldn't ask for any other way to have spent it.


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