Monday, March 26, 2012

24 March 12

On Saturday night, Jess and I had a few birthday to attend. From being local to the usual city night life.

We kicked off at my High School friend Karen's 21st Birthday where I was reunited with my best friends from high school. We were finally together after 5 years! Jess and I only stayed for an hour or so, then we headed off to the city.

Next stop was at a bar, Pavillion, for one of Jess' friends' birthday. There, we took advantage of pretty much half priced. By the time we left the place, we were already tipsy and ready to hit the clubs and meet up with everyone.

We went to the new club Luxe, that my friends promote at (also known as Vanity, but have now changed venues and names) and also had 2 ladies, Jamie and Amaia, who had their birthday there. I saw a few similar faces, as usual. But the venue and people was just not my scene.  No one liked it. We just wanted to go home. Definitely not going back there any more haha.

But overall, it was a good night to have just be out and see everyone.

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