Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marc's 5th Birthday

Yesterday we went to a kids playground that was just the next suburb over, that I didn't know anything about until now, for Jeremy's nephew Marc's 5th Birthday. It was nothing major, it was just us and the kids so they could have fun and play around. Us adults just sat while drinking our mocha's, eating hot chips and taking photos. Jeremy and his brother-in-law were playing though, especially Jeremy.. trying to sneak on the jumping castles haha.

It was such a good location. It wasn't as busy as it would be in any other play centres. Those that are local, the place is called "Kidz Fun Factory" and is based in Minchinbury. We're actually considering to have Jaiden's birthday party there this year (still quite a while to go). The entry we paid was only $8/ea and you only have to pay for the kids! 

Afterwards, we went to Lone Pine Tavern to have lunch. We were all so full, we couldn't walk and we just wanted to sleep lol. Then came back home for some dessert (I bought ice blocks) and just chilled. Most of us ended up having the nap that we wanted.

A good family day out.

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