Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy birthday Manuel!

Today was our brother-in-law Manuel's 29th birthday and to celebrate, we went out for lunch. First off, we dropped Jaiden to my mums place and then made our way to Bavarian Bier Cafe in Parramatta. 

When we got there, we had to wait for a little bit because we were just really early there and the kitchen didn't start cooking until 12pm, but there was no fuss because we just sat around and looked at the menu while we waited. The boys, Manuel and Jeremy ordered their drinks first which was a mango beer that actually tasted like juice lol and Jeremy ordered some caramel one which tasted more like beer. The beer mugs were so big! It was literally bigger than my head haha. I ordered a drink too, schnapps which I actually thought was a cocktail with schnapps as the main alcohol in it but it was actually a shot of schnapps itself lol. So I was taking shots at 11:30am! ..way too early to be drinking haha. We got some pretzels as a starter while we waited for our food, which we got not long after. Jeremy and I shared a schnitzel with warm potato salad which was so so nice! and Manuel and Cheryl ordered a platter which had sausages, pork belly, steak and other types of meat but I can't remember. Before leaving, the boys had a shot of schnapps each and then made our way to San Churro's for dessert. We just ordered 'churro's for two' and shared amongst us all since we were all full from lunch.

Then after finishing our dessert, we made our way home but had a detour to the bottle shop and we bought schnapps to have at home. When we got home, we each had two shots before Manuel and Cheryl had to go home. Jeremy and I had one more after they left. Not long after, we got Jaiden back and I've been sleeping the whole time. Jeremy and I are kind of suffering from a minor hangover and we are so not bothered to do anything! 

I was so bummed that I didn't take my camera with me! but luckily enough, the iPhone sufficed for it, how convenient! It was a good day though and I wouldn't mind going back to that place again! We've already planned on going there for our dads birthday lol and this time, I'll take my camera with me.


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