Monday, March 7, 2011

markets, party & Sunday lunch

Yesterday during the day and after clearing the house up a little, we went to Parklea Markets to have a little browse around and see what we could get. We ended up getting a couple of things - Sunglasses for Jaiden and I, a hat for Jeremy and a camera bag. All that for $53! I love market prices! Afterwards, we had Jeremy's sister and her family over for dinner. We just had KFC (lol) and watched a movie, The Land of the Lost. Though, I went to sleep halfway because I was just so tired. 

Then just before 8pm, I got up to make a cheesecake for Sunday's lunch and afterwards, got ready for a night out with my girlfriends Stacee and Jess for our friend Pagna's 21st house party. Since it was a joint party for one of his friends 18th, the party was overly crowded and was filled with a lot of young people. Nonetheless, we still had a good time and that's all that matters. It was good seeing friends aswell, that I hadn't seen in a while. The party finished early though, the parents forced it to shut down.. I wouldn't blame them, being a parent now, I know where their insight is to it all, especially having to consider the neighbours. But anyway, we got home just a little after 3am and went straight to bed.

We woke up a little early this morning to get ready for lunch at my cousins house. When we got there, we were just laying around while we waited for the food to cook, the boys were playing Modern Warfare 2 (as usual). Then my other cousin Roden and his girlfriend Sam arrived, they gave Jaiden's very late Christmas present - it was a ridable mouse! it's the cutest thing. We then got stuck into eating! afterwards, I took Jaiden outside to let him walk around and we just sat around, took photos and mingled amongst each other. then after a while, we called it a day because we were so tired and just wanted to go home and sleep.  

When we got home, I went straight to bed while Jeremy stayed up with Jaiden. During the time I slept, Jeremy had already started cooking stir fry for dinner! how sweet! Then he woke me up to ask if he could go out with his friends to watch a movie. So I woke up and cleaned up a little, had dinner and caught up on Pretty Little Liars while Jaiden was sleeping. Now he's wide awake, watching his movies and playing around while we wait for Jeremy to get back home. I've taken this time to blog about the weekend before I get really lazy about it and just won't bother later =P


with the birthday boy, Pagna.



I hope everyone had a great weekend! x

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