Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vogue Fashion Affair

One of the perks of my new job, was to attend the Vogue Fashion Affair that our centre was organising.

I was able to meet the models (they were gorgeous!), got to know the photographers, got to meet & talk with the Vogue girls who were organising the event, sit down and attend their fashion show, eat the left over desserts from the catering the next day and have the left over flower arrangements from the show end up on our desks.

I can't wait for the upcoming months of events that our centre will be organising!

Myself at the morning show / Champagne for the night show / 'Cobalt Blue' showcase / 'Embellishment' showcase / 'Graphic Print' showcase / Penny McCarthy (Vogue Stylist) being interviewed by our Marketing Manager Sophie

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