Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year, we celebrated Christmas early because Jeremy and in-laws had work on Christmas day, like any other Sunday. We had lunch on Christmas Eve at our house and we also got to open presents early! Jeremy was up nice and early to start cooking his Apricot marinated ham and I got started on my Meringue, which didn't turn out as I wanted :( Sister-in-law and her family didn't get to our house until after 12pm and we dug in straight away.

Jeremy couldn't help himself but open his present from me very subtly. He loved it, well that's what he says. It's a Casio watch that has everything on it, it's even analogue and digital haha can't go wrong with that. Then we all started opening our presents. This year I got: A bag, Perfume, Cosmetics, Clothes and still waiting for my new lens. Jeremy got: Money, shirts, PS3 game, Casio watch. Jaiden got: a whole lot of toys from everyone and clothes

Later that afteroon, I walked my way over to Kaecee's house to drop the kids presents, which they opened on the spot and tried their new outfits on. They didn't want to take it off haha. I stayed there for a while and just hung out. Kaecee and I ducked out for a quick Starbucks run and bought a cocktail mix bucket from Kmart.

On Christmas day, Jeremy was lucky enough to get a half day. When he got home we made our way to his sisters house where we played video games, ate oven food goodies and drank cocktails for the day. We got picked up in the late afternoon and went back home to get ready for Christmas Dinner at Kaecee's house. The kids were playing and running around, while the adults were sitting around waiting for food haha. After dinner, everyone in the Pablo family opened their presents, we danced and drank cocktails and wine. Good way to end the Christmas festivities.

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